Monday, December 29, 2008


Hummers No More?

I recently found out on my last trip to get cigarettes that they won't be selling Hummers anymore.

If you have read some of my past posts in this blog then you will know that Hummers is the cheaper brand of cigarettes that I buy when I can't afford to buy my favorite brand - which is Kools 100's.

The Hummer's brand only cost me around $1.75 per pack and they were an adequate substitute for the Kools when it was necessary (and because of the cost it became necessary a LOT of the time!

There is something else I'm smoking now called "Smokin Joes" little cigars.

As for my opinion on this particular brand - I'm still deciding!

But at least I have cigarettes again and for that I am very grateful!

I'm a much nicer person with them than without them!

So I have enough to last me a few days so that is good!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


$20! - I'm Being Tested!

got $20 in my checking account - Boy could I use that money to buy some cigarettes! However the problem is that $20 is for a check I wrote that hasn't been cashed yet!

Now since I don't expect my Adsense money until the week after next I know that it wouldn't be a good idea to got and withdraw that money so that I could buy me some cigarettes!

I have over-drawn my bank account before but not on purpose! Those banking fees that they charge you are enough to NEVER want them again!

So while I am out of cigarettes right now at least I can turn my thoughts to what I could do if I could just have that $20!

Oh well, its time to put the law of attraction to work for me!

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Monday, December 01, 2008


I Have Cigarettes Again!

Actually I'm smoking a cigarette right now as I type this blog post!

I see that I haven't updated my "donations received so far" link and will do that after I finish this blog entry!

It may surprise you to know that I actually did receive a $10 donation some years back and you can definitely bet your bottom dollar that I used that donated money to buy me some cigarettes!

So I figured that if I can get one donation that I may be able to get more donations - rest assured that any money that you donate to me here that I will use that money to buy only cigarettes!

Right now I do have cigarettes and I'm hoping that the law of attraction will work for me (as it has done in the past) as far as having more cigarettes are concerned! Ultimately I would like to have a carton of Kool 100's - which costs around $50 - tax included!

Right now I am just grateful for the cigarettes that I DO have!

I'm happy and content - while hoping for more!

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